4 Tips for Getting ARC in Korea – Immigration Guide

4 things you must keep in mind when you are getting an ARC in Korea


1. Write your name correctly! (Exactly same as the one in your passport.)

Sometimes, foreigners get rejected from getting registered because they don’t write their name correctly. When you fill in the registration form, bare in mind that your name should be identical to the one in your passport. Not your full name, not your nickname, but the name in your passport!


2. It’s better to make your reservation before you come to Korea.

If you try to make a reservation to submit required documents after your arrival, the schedule might not be available since there are a lot of foreigners trying to get their ARC. Planning ahead is always better. After applying for your ARC, it takes about 2~4 weeks to get the approval. Here‘s the guide that shows you how to make a reservation.


3. Don’t forget your reservation filing receipt.

Once you finish making your reservation, you will get your reservation filing receipt. (Go to [My e-Applications > Manage e-Applications] of http://hikorea.go.kr to check your reservation or print out a receipt.) Don’t forget to print it and make sure that all the details of the appointment are in order(such as the office, date and time, counter or reservation number, etc.).  Present it when you go for the appointment.


4. Your portrait photo should follow certain rules.

The Minister of justice has specific rules about the photo you submit with your documents.

  1. Color photograph of face, front view, taken within the past six months.
  2. Background: White background without frames.
  3. Face proportion: Length of face (from crown of head to chin) should be 2.5~3.5cm.
  4. Lights: The focus should be clear. Also, No shadow on your face.
  5. Glasses: No sunglasses. If you wear glasses, the glasses frames can not hide your pupils.
  6. Accessories: Both ears should be visible. Don’t wear hats or scarfs.
    However, religious attires such as Hijab, Veil, and Turban are allowed. They should not cover the front of your face (from forehead to chin) except for your ears.
  7. Photo quality: You can’t modify your photo using Photoshop or other softwares. Don’t submit damaged photos.
  8. Face direction: Face forward and don’t tilt to any directions.
  9. Facial expression: Close your mouth, and your facial expression should be natural.
  10. Eyes: Don’t wear colored lenses.
  11. Shoulder line: The upper part of the body should be shown down to the shoulders, and the position of the shoulders should be the same.


You can always visit Hi Korea website for more information.

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