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Gaby’s Problem Solving Report
from LOKA Internship

About Gaby (Zhiyue Guo)

: Zhiyue, usually go by Gaby, is a Literature major from China and came to Korea as an exchange student in Hanyang University. She’s participating in our internship program, ‘LOKA Internship’. She started working as an intern at a company called ‘CreateUs’ from January 14th, 2019. Here’s her midterm report, recording her work experience from January 14th to February 1st.


2019 LOKA Internship with Hanyang University

<Problem Solving Report>

Name: Gaby (Zhiyue Guo)
Company: CreateUs
Date: 2019. 01. 14 – 2019. 02. 01
Challenges in the Company

During the preparation, we had to do the verification job for opening a store on Taobao which is owned by one of the biggest companies in China. But there are many reasons that the verification became more strict now. One of the reasons is a new law in China which strictly controls online stores and input and output of the business. Since our store is a company owned store, we would face stricter rules. However, we cannot change back into a normal individual store which has a higher possibility to get the verification done. So during this time, it was really hard for us to do other preparation jobs needed for our online store. The only thing we could do was waiting for the verification to be done, but we could hardly do it. We tried the verification process twice, but we still could not get a verification. Without this, we couldn’t update anything on the store.


Trying to Solve the Problem

I have called the customer service center of Taobao and told them our problems. I also contacted the customers service center Alipay to make sure that our information is right. Everything was fine. Then I submitted some documents that would help us pass through it quickly. The cs center told us to wait three to five working days to get the answer whether we get a pass. Until the last day of waiting, I still didn’t get any answer. So I contacted them directly and after all, we couldn’t get a verification even if we had already spent a lot of time on it. Therefore, we had to think of other options(platforms) in China.


Going with Plan B

I did a deep research on other platforms in China and compared the difference between users. Also, we found out what we need to prepare to start a store on other platforms, and we searched the available product range for each platform.  Although they don’t have many users like Taobao, there are still many platforms in China. Also, there will be less competition and that would bring us more benefits. We’ve decided to spend money for promotion on social media such as Weibo, Wechat and QQ so that we can promote our products conveniently. I believe no matter what kind of problems we have, there must be some ways to move on.

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