Final Report from LOKA Internship – Working in Korea

Emily’s Final Report
from LOKA Internship

About Emily Vue

: Emily is from the USA and she is an exchange student at Hanyang University. Her major is International Business. She came to Korea to have new experiences and live in a different country. She’s participating in our internship program, ‘LOKA Internship’. She started working as an intern at a company called ‘Pickup Scanner’ from January 2nd, 2019.


<Final Report>

Name: Emily Vue
Company: Pickup Scanner
Date: 2019. 02. 15


Positive Learning Experience
[Knowledge, Skills, Personal Growth, Career Development]


I learned a lot about how startups operate and the importance of each member within the company. I learned and lived the life of a Korean worker rather than just a regular student.

I was able to improve my Google Analytics and Google Ads skills. Also, I was able to improve my communication skills within a team that does not speak English as their first language. Another skill I was able to improve was researching, chart making, and information gathering.

Personal Growth:
As a person who loves to help and contribute in any way I can, it was hard for me in the beginning not being able to express myself. However, I learn how the skills I already have could help the company in my own unique way. I would say in the beginning I was shy to show myself and my personality, however, I think it is even harder when you do not fluently speak the language. But over time, I was able to build the confidence to show who I am and my personality.

Career Development:
This internship has really allowed me to learn all the things I was already capable of and the things I needed to improve on. It helped me truly realize my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to working with others. It allowed me to test my skills and learn a few more.




Google Analytics:
I was able to work with two other employees for about two weeks to better understand and take advantage of their Google Analytics account. We were able to conclude their current customers’ demographics such as age and gender, the number of people visiting their website, and which countries are visiting their site.

Google Ads: 
With the same two employees after learning about their consumers, we created an ad to target new consumers for about two weeks. I was able to research trends, keywords, and type of google campaign to use. I was able to voice my opinion about what the budget should be, keywords to use, and the design of the Google Ad.

Data Collection:
I was given a solo project to collect data for the company, which has been on-going since the beginning. Pickup Scanner would give me different conditions they would like to know from their suppliers. With the list of conditions, I would make an excel sheet and send it to their various partners. Once I received the email back, I would then compile all the information into one central location.

I was able to translate website, documents, and power point so an English speaker would be able to better understand. This process was very interesting to me, as I would work with another person to try to create the same tone and feeling from Korean to English.


Internship Program Satisfaction & Opinion


At the beginning of this internship, I did not have many expectations. I just wanted to know how a startup operates, the Korean working life, and just learn as much as I can. Now, I am able to say that I have achieved all three of the things. I learned how a startup works compared to huge corporate companies. Also, I learned the feeling of taking a subway everyday, having lunch and then getting coffee, and I learned the willingness to work together. I was also to learn as much as I could during my time here. I am able to clearly understand the business model here. One thing I did not expect was how close I was able to get to the people I worked with during the past few weeks. It truly has been a journey of growth for me.


Things I Wished I Knew Before Starting: 
1. It is a Korean business, therefore, they will speak Korean more than 50% of the time.
2. Understanding each person’s position within the company. Maybe have the company create a 101 sheet for the business chain of command, business plan, the stage the business is within the business plan before starting.

I would recommend this program to someone who does not need a lot of direction but able to work independently.


What I Am Going to Take Away from This Experience?
1. New Friends!
2. Memories I will never forget!
3. Don’t use the subway between 7:30-9:00 or 17:00-19:00.
4. Koreans really like Americanos.
5. Papago is awesome.
6. Hongdae has so many yummy places to eat.


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