Cosmetics Brands (Skin Care) – Shopping in Korea

Korean Cosmetics Brands (Skin Care)

Korea is getting more and more famous for its cosmetics. Don’t know which brand to choose? In this article, we will give you some ideas about cosmetics brands, especially the ones famous for their skin care products.




Innisfree is a brand which is famous for its skin care products. Also, it is famous for its love for Jeju island. Innisfree uses ingredients from Jeju island such as green tea, sea water and canola honey in their skin care products. Some of the most popular product lines are Bija line, Eco-science anti aging line, Green tea line and Volcanic ash line.

Recommended products
  • Choosing the most popular product is always a safe option. Green tea skin care (Green tea seed serum, Green tea seed deep cream, etc.) is good for every skin type, but if you have extremely dry skin, this line might be not enough.
  • For extremely dry skin, Olive real skin care which contains extra virgin olive oil in the product would be a better choice.
  • Skin care for acne: Bija trouble skin care is recommended. Especially, Bija sica balm is really famous.
  • Having problem with clogged pores? Volcanic ash line would be the best choice. However, it can make your skin drier if you have dry skin.
  • Looking for a gentle skin care? Try Super food line. There are variety of ingredients that you can choose from, depending on your skin condition.



cosmeticsAs you can see in the name of the brand, Skinfood uses ingredients such as  tomato, lettuce, black sugar and so on. Skinfood is very famous for the phrase, “Don’t eat, give it to your skin”. Black sugar line, Aqua grape line, and Royal honey lines are the most famous product lines.

Click this link and visit the global website of Skinfood.

Recommended products
  • Looking for a product to manage the dead skin cell? Black sugar scrub exfoliates your skin and makes your skin smoother.
  • If you want some products to use in Summer, Aqua grape bounce line would be a good choice. It has cooling effects as well as deep moisturizing.
  • For extremely dry skin, Avocado line is recommended. It contains Avocado oil, which makes rich texture that nourishes your skin.



Laneige is focusing on the water as the base of their products. It has developed a special water recipe  for the ‘Sparkling Beauty’ that Laneige pursue.  The most well-known products are Water bank hydro essence, Water bank moisture essence, and Water sleeping mask(Lavender).

Click this link and visit the global website of Laneige

Recommended products
  • For ultimate hydration, choose Water bank moisture essence. It contains green mineral water from vegetables which helps the recovery of skin barrier.
  • Since it is spring, there are a lot of fine dust in the air. All day anti-pollution defensor helps blocking fine dusts. Laneige has developed a dust block technology that bounces fine dusts off. It also blocks UV lights which makes it perfect for everyday life.
  • Water sleeping mask(Lavender) is a sleeping mask pack which detoxes your skin while you are sleeping and makes the perfect morning skin. Laneige put 3 technical features of its own in this sleeping mask.


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