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Kakao Friends & Kakao Friends Shop

One of the most famous character shops in Korea is Kakao Friends shop. This article would introduce the main characters and products of the brand. Also, we would give you the location of their flagship stores.


At first, Kakao Friends started as an emoticon sticker used in the most famous messenger in Korea, Kakaotalk. These characters became famous and kakao launched their own character business. There are 8 main characters: Ryan, Apeach, Tube, Muzi, Con, Frodo, Neo and Jay-G. The most famous ones are Ryan and Apeach. Their products vary from toys to clothing and household items. Kakao runs a global online shop, where global shipping is also available. In 2016, they opend a concept museum. They are currently running the 2nd exhibition, collaborating with Daelim Museum. A lot of artists participated in this project. They have parodied famous artworks such as Marilyn Monroe of Andy Warhol  using their characters.



They have over 1,000 products with their characters marked on the goods. Here are some products to give you some ideas.

Phone Case



Flagship Stores

Kakao has opened several flagship stores around Korea. They are located in Seoul, Busan, Suwon, Daegu, Incheon, Sungnam, Hanam and Goyang. You could see the products yourself, and take some photos with big character figures. Some stores such as Hongdae flagship store, Gangnam flagship store, and Busan flagship stores, also runs a cafe. Hongdae and Gangnam branch have Ryan cafe, and Busan runs Apeach cafe.

Click here to check the store information. You could check the location of the stores and their opening hours on the website.


Online Store

Want to buy some items but you are not living in Korea? Don’t be sad. Kakao friends runs a global online store which provides global shipping. Just check if the product you want offers a global shipping. (Some items are only available in Korea.)

Kakao friends global website URL (English): https://www.kakaofriends.com/en/index


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